Thursday, June 5, 2008


I have written five posts in the past two days, and I have posted none of them. Frustrations. I keep having little slivers of ideas of topics to write about and then they end up going nowhere. I think though, that this one might turn into something...

I was reminded yet again last night that you really cannot judge people, that you have no idea what their life is really like and what kinds of things they've been through. I think I tend to believe that everyone's lives are as happy and easy as mine. I have an amazing family, great friends, a fabulous job, a good chunk of money in savings, etc, etc. I take it for granted sometimes that my parents actually love each other and get along. I take it for granted that my dad is a great, moral person and doesn't abuse me or my siblings. I take it for granted that my parents have never made me feel not good enough or unaccepted. I take it for granted that I'm healthy both body and mind. I take it for granted that the biggest problems I'm dealing right now are so small and so insignificant compared to others around me.
It just breaks my heart to see people I know and respect go through difficult trials and then blame themselves. I wish they could see the way I see them, and how God sees them, how incredible they truly are. GAhhh. Like this one time when Chino* hadn't done well at an audition at NYCDA and was just feeling awful about her dancing and herself in general and Piper* was texting me telling me what was going on, I couldn't help but cry. I hate to see the people I love in so much pain. I'm sorry to those of you who are dealing with hard things, and I'm proud of those of you who are getting through it. Love you all. :)

*names have been changed, in case you couldn't tell...haha

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Alyssa said...

katie you are awesome i love you! :)