Saturday, May 31, 2008

I couldn't think of how to end this post, but I really think the government should've provided a conclusion for me.

"Quit allowing jobs to be sent overseas," said one. "It's been way too easy to get into debt. We need stricter laws on credit companies and finanacial institutions because almost everyone is struggling finanacially," added another.

This was a quote from some college students from an article talking about how politically involved my generation is. They asked the students what they thought about different issues, and this was two people's responses.
This is what is wrong with the world today! People expect the government to solve all their problems! It's been way too easy to get into debt because people buy things for which they don't have money, not because they government hasn't done enough to prevent that. It's not the government's job to regulate how you manage your money (ok, well sort have to pay taxes and all, but still).
Feminists think that all women should be in the work force (they are insane, but I'll write a post about that later), but this makes raising kids awful hard. Their solution: government funded daycare!! Yeah! Instead of letting moms actually raise their children, let's have the government do it for them! Unemployment's way up? The government should make more jobs. You don't have healthcare? The government should provide it. College tuition's too expensive? The government should make it free!
It's ridiculous. Take responsibility for your own lives already.

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amanda said...

No kidding! I learned in AH that even though people lose jobs when we send them actually creates more way more jobs. I don't know. I don't remember it all but sheesh! Be responsible!! Good post! I want to see your hair!