Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Foux de Fa Fa

Why is it in car chases in movies no one ever shoots the car tires of the vehicle they're trying to stop? Come on, if you're holding a gun in your hand and shooting aimlessly at the driver because you want to apprehend them, wouldn't it just be easier to shoot the tires? Wouldn't that stop the car so you could get the person you're chasing, or is there some weird thing about puncturing tires that I don't know about that somehow makes that impossible?

Also, I am missing my phone. It feels more like I'm missing my right hand.
Stupid, I know, but I was going to make an important phone call tonight, but now I can't because I don't have the number...ok, I guess I could find the number on the team directory, but I don't remember where I put it...

And Flight of the Conchords are hilarious. If you haven't already, go to youtube and watch the following videos by them:
The Issues/Think About It
Bowie's in Space
Sello Tape
I'm Not Crying
Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring
Rhymnocerous vs. the Hiphopapotamus
The Humans are Dead
Foux de Fa Fa

Anyway, I had some sort of great idea for a post subject, but I seem to have forgotten it, so enjoy this for now until I remember. Good night!


amanda said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you about my foot. My right foot's top joints have hurt for like a week...it varies in intensity. Ah well.

Jody Lynn said...

What happened to your phone?