Monday, January 28, 2008

First time's the charm...?

This is my very first blog on this blog. I've written quite a few before on myspace, facebook, and that lame msn messenger page they give you, but this is the first time I've written a blog on something that is purely for blogs....woot....

And now I'm sort of out of things to say...

I suppose I could tell you all about my day. This morning I got to sleep in until 7:30 instead of the usual 6:00 I wake up at on Mondays for team. No team this morning since I am not in the paso or the cha-cha. I think I'm slowly (or maybe not so slowly, it's been fairly quick) being labeled as a standard dancer. It slightly bothers me. I do not want to differentiate into latin or standard at this point in my dancing career. I realize that I will sort of be forced to once I'm on the tour team, and they either stick me in the latin medley or the standard medley, but still. I like ten dance. Sometimes I really do not feel like doing latin, but other times I practically crave it. And sometimes standard just doesn't appeal, but other times it's so beautiful and almost relaxing to do. Meh, anyway, back to my day.
I got ready and ran to math, which is my most difficult class so far. For the first time since I've been in college I'm learning something new in calculus. I took the equivalent of last semester's class while in high school, and it was not bad at all. Now that I'm doing something new though, it's sort of hard to get myself motivated to put forth the effort to learn it instead of coasting on through...oh well.
After math I hurried right along to chem where we did more equilibrium problems. I am slightly sick of equilibrium problems, to tell you the truth. Our test is this week though, so hopefully we'll move along soon.
Apres math, je suis allee au cours de religion, Book of Mormon in particular. It was great, as usual. I sat with Amanda and Kristen, and we listened to the professor, and that's all I have to say about that.
And then I ran back across campus to my standard technique class where we did all sorts of exercises on the ground. It was rather awkward in a skirt, even if I was wearing footless tights underneath.
And I'm sort of getting sick of this describing my day thing, so I'll just skip to I went to dance practice and realized that there is a ton of stuff going on in dance for the next couple of months. Becky's company showcase on Friday, comp/performance on Saturday, next Friday and Saturday performances with the team, the week after that I'll be at the CA open competing, and then I think I might have one break, unless I'm going to the Vegas comp, which I really want to attend because Yulia and Riccardo are doing the show, I think, and it'd be so rad to watch them in person. I adore Yulia. The week after that, I think I have off, but then the week after THAT is Nationals! Ahhh I'm so excited. I love that comp, truly I do.
After practice I went and took my math test, and I think I made things up for the work problems, but it only took my 45ish minutes to finish, so that was awesome. And some other things happened and then my roommate suggested we get blogs, except hey, I already had one and had just forgotten about it. So I resurrected this blog, and this what came of it.

More thoughts from the mind of Katie to come...less jumbled and more interesting next time, I promise. I did pass the AP English test....