Friday, May 2, 2008

I hate the phone, but I wish you'd call.

I don't even know what to say in this post. I'm bored. I'm tired. I should read something or study something or go run errands or something, but I can't dredge up the necessary motivation. I feel stuck. I'm still waiting, and I'm getting sick of it.

Today my little sister asked my mom when I was going to get married. Possibly never, I'm thinking to myself considering that requires having a relationship first. I swear, I feel like I'm so behind, I'm so inexperienced that if I ever do meet someone I really, really like I'll just screw it all up because I have no idea what I'm doing. People have to be very persistent if they want to get to know me, you know. I am not a very open person, and I don't really go out of my way to get what I want when it involves other people. Academics? Yeah, I do whatever it takes to get that A. Guys I like? Nope, I just wait for them to make the first move. And the second. And the third. I just...meh. I don't know what I want.

Ok, I take that back. "I want Ken Rilings to come in here and say, 'Pam Shorts' broken both her legs, and I wanna dance with you."

That's what I want. Where's my Ken Rilings? Where the heck is my ballroom dance king? (preferably not a scumbag drunk, but at this point even that I could possibly put up with)

P.S. Go watch "Strictly Ballroom" if that quote didn't make any sense :P


Amanda said...

Ha ha I laughed because I got that quote...

And I have found that relationshiping (like winding) comes don't think too hard or worry too much because you're amazing and guys who don't realize that are dorks and you don't want them anyways.

Let me know when you get that call!!

Kristen said...

Katie! I miss you! Thanks to you I get that quote as well! Thank you for exposing me to the wonders of Strictly Ballroom!

I completely agree with all that you said about relationships. It seems like I'm still back in high school just going through the movements while everyone around me dates and moves one. You are not the only one behind (that is if we are indeed behind...):-)

I had a similar moment on Wednesday. I was babysitting and the little boy Carson asked me when I was going to be a mommy. I told him I needed a husband first and before that I had to actaully date someone. Then he asked when I was going to get married. I told him I didn't know. He said that I should get married when I was 20 or 21. His mom told him that was a good age to get married at. I guess we are still 19 so we are more than fine on time! :-) We just happen to be going to school at BYU were nearly everyone is married or in a relationship or atleast going on dates. Perhaps next year will be better for us all.

Jody Lynn said...

Ha ha Katie. I loved this post. In your case people are wondering when you will be married, but I always get the, "I'll see you in two years if you're not already married." I don't understand. Why do people always think this about me. Ha ha...don't worry, dating will come naturally, and in due time you will marry. You will marry a ballroom dancer, which is even better. Ha. Love you.

Suzy said...

I must admit I feel uncultured because I didn't get that quote... ah me. And if you want to live in a social place, oh my heck live in Monticello. And next year will be better because we won't have dumb freshman 18-yr old boys to deal with.

ps do you know a ballroom dancer/teacher named Betsy?

Katya said...

hahah it will be nice to be out of a freshmen ward next year...and yes, I do know a ballroom teacher named Betsy. Is that who's teaching your class?