Friday, June 27, 2008

Some things you can't take back

So the Supreme Court ruled that child rape cannot be punishable by death because [rape and other crimes] "may be as devastating in their harm, as here, but 'in terms of moral depravity and of the injury to the person and to the public,' they cannot be compared to murder in their 'severity and irrevocability."'

Right. Because rape isn't irrevocable at all. Why don't you tell that to the eight year old girl who lost her virginity to her step-father? She wishes she had been murdered. Rape destroys people. It rips away something so precious that it can never be replaced. You can't get your virginity back! And to lose it before you're twelve to someone who is supposed to protect you and love you is unspeakably horrific. I...I don't like to make statements like this, but child rapists do not deserve to live. The damage they cause is worse than death. Justice Kennedy says, "the death penalty should not be expanded to instances where the victim's life was not taken." Life not taken?! I would hazard a guess that those who've been raped feel exactly like their life has been taken from them. Not physically, but emotionally. How can you trust anyone? How can you keep going through the motions of everyday life when something like that is eating you up inside?
I'm sorry (actually you know what, I'm not), but I do not agree with the Supreme Court at all in this case.
Doesn't each state decide whether they use the death penalty or not? Why didn't I get to vote on this? And also, isn't the court of a conservative majority now? What the heck happened?

GAH. It just makes me so angry. Glenn Beck was talking about this subject this week on his radio show and a lady called in who had been raped by three different family members. She tried to commit suicide six times. SIX TIMES. Oh, but rape's not "severe" at all.

I echo Rep. Pete Schneider-"When are you going to have the courage to stand up for what's right for all of the people — but especially the children under 12 that have been brutally raped by monsters?"

(all quotes from the Deseret News article "Court bans death penalty for child rape")


Ana said...

Katie, I love you. :)
I'm crying right now. In the middle of this electronics store thingy-majig, I am crying.
I love you. :)

Ana said...

I SO agree. And why DON'T we get to vote on this?!
WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!??!!??!! :(

We are the JIhad said...

i don't like the ruling either. and morally, the question that came before the court had a clear answer. but looking at it from another angle, the legal angle, the justices had a more complicated decision before them than i think most give them credit for.
child rapists certainly deserve to die. but legally, when we allow capital punishment for crimes that do not literally end a life, we open up a Pandora's box.
look at it this way. the reasoning behind allowing capital punishment in child rape cases is that the crime is heinous due to how horrible its effects are on the child, right?
but by that standard, a man who walks out on his family (which has horrible effects on the children) could come under the same condemnation.
i realize that it is a stretch to make the connection, but it could happen.
so while morally, the court's decision is reprehensible, legally, they had to make a tough call.

anyway, it costs us more money to put a person to death because of the endless appeals associated therewith. we save money and, in my opinion, inflict more punishment by putting such heartless criminals in prison for life without parole.

Kristen said...

I couldn't agree more with you Katie. I kept trying to write something else in response to your post because I've always felt very strongly about this, but I think you said it all. It is truly disheartening when others lessen the value placed on the lives of others.

Ashlynn said...

K. So I haven't read the rest of these comments, but I am going to post this really fast.

No, I do not think they should die. Yes, their sentence should be longer. But they should not die. They may or may not have completely destroyed the life of a child (as, with the way a child's mind works, they could either grow up normally and be completely wonderful and happy, or they can be the exact opposite of what they could have been. Whereas with an adult, they have the capacity to cope and get on with things, even with what are devesatating effects.) but they should be allowed a second chance.

I want to say I think they should live so maybe they'll be tortured, but really, it's so maybe they might feel sorrow and change. But we have no right to say they won't and can't, and to kill them.

I do not believe we should kill them.

I'm saying everything really poorly, because that's not entirely my thinking. But I guess that has to work for now, cause I can't seem to put things to words... Haha. :P

But no, I believe in giving rapists a second chance.

But yes, I hate the fact that IF they are punished (which they almost NEVER are) their lives have not even been interrupted by the time they get out, whereas the child is still suffering.

Ashlynn said...

Basically, no. Child rapists should not be killed. But I do wish that it was not so impossible and so difficult (especially emotionally for the victim) to get rapists convicted. And once they are, I am all for longer sentences.
(sp?) :P Sad day...

Vae Gannon said...

My mom was in a jury for a serial rapist that lived in my very small town. He did awful, awful things.

My mom is very sweet, but now wants to buy a gun.

I believe rapists deserve to die a painful, painful death.

On the other hand, there might be a more fitting punishment. . . it might be classified as "cruel," but I think it would be just.

Ashlynn said...

K. Vae? (Though you will probably never see this.) Yeah, I agree with you. Especially someone like that, I would so love for them to die. Trust me, oh gosh, I am SO passionate about this.
But, I still stick with what I said before.
And someone like that, should be in prison for life. Gah! At least!
I do not think we should kill them though. Make sentences longer, keep them where they can't hurt anyone else, but I do not believe we should kill them. And then if you go back to what "We are the jihad" said... Guess that just adds to it. Though I'd never thought of that before.

Vae Gannon said...

The problem with the idea of serving longer sentences is that prisoners rarely serve their full term these days. There are plenty of ways that a known villain can get out of prison early on "good conduct" and other reasons. The rapist whose jury my mother was on had served time in prison, but he was still out on the streets of Glennallen, Alaska where he tried again (and failed because his next victim was a wildcat, it was because of her that he was finally convicted once and for all). I've seen plenty of TV programs about rapists who do time, get out, and then get back to their old tricks, but this time they throw murder on top of it.

Maybe some rapists can be reformed, but I think it is a difficult thing to do, and it isn't happening in prison. Prison for rapists is not the answer, it's just a place to shove them off because we can't decide what to do with them. Eventually they end up back on the streets. . .

Rapists have lost their respect for the sanctity of life and will usually turn to murder. And any time a rapist strikes, his victim is in mortal danger. Therefore, there should be a swift and certain penalty that cannot be revoked. . . death, especially once a rapist becomes a serial rapist.

On the other hand, this is why I strongly believe in the 2nd ammendment. People should be able to carry the tools that they need to defend themselves. If a rapist attacks a woman, and she kills him in self defense, the problem is solved.

Death is a harsh penalty, but I think, sometimes, it is the right thing to do.

Katya said...

Ash, you're the noblest person I know.

Ashlynn said...

Gah. I know that, chances are, they won't be reformed.
But, I've seen it happen.
And honestly, I do not think that we should kill them, when there is that CHANCE. Heck, I'd say just keep them in prison for life, but that won't ever happen. Cause then, they'd be off the streets, and that kills me to think that something so horrible could happen to someone else, and it would be our fault.
But... I still agree with everything I said before. We can't do that.

And everytime a rapist strikes, the victim's in more than mortal danger. That isn't even NEAR where it all ends.

But yeah.

Ashlynn said...

Oh. Haha. I didn't see your comment before Katie. :)
Thanks. Love you!! :)
And... I will be seeing you soon. ;)