Thursday, June 26, 2008

Umm...yeah, so like, this is my post....tehehe, giggle giggle giggle

I decided that I do not speak very intelligently. I throw in way too many "like"s, "totally"s, "definitely"s, etc etc. Have you ever had an experience where you're listening to yourself talking and you're thinking, "Oh my gosh. What am I saying? I sound like a complete idiot," but you're already too far into the thought to just drop it right there and there are just words tumbling out of your mouth like some horrible proverbial flood (now there's a smart word for you).
Also, I think I have different personalities for different situations. People who only know me in one situation would be so surprised to meet me in another. Example: peppy Katie, pleaser Katie, Katie who loves everyone and everything, who goes out of her way to avoid offending anyone. People who meet this Katie are always surprised I'm a chem major. What, cheerleader type personalities can't major in something "hard"? But the ballroom dancer is easy enough to believe.There's also serious, focused, studious Katie whose tone of voice is very different from peppy Katie; she gets right down to business and zeros in on the task at hand. Definitely (there's that word again) chem major material. Then there's awkward, shy Katie who makes an appearance at all of the worst possible moments (missionary night, ward prayer, meeting new people, a lot of ballroom events, etc). Crazy, psycho Katie turns up on Saturday nights and dances. Insecure and contemplative Katie is there for the long quiet drives in the car or on weekday nights in her room typing blogs at midnight.
But somehow they all come together, and they're all me. It has always bugged me a little when people say things like, "They don't act like themselves around them." The fact that they act differently is part of who they are. That says something about them. That's what I think anyway...
Remind me to post about the supreme court deciding not to give the death penalty to child rapists (anger, anger, anger).


Michael Jones said...

How about the one-and-only, lovable Katie who has peppy, studious, awkward, crazy moments like every other person in the world but still manages to endear herself to her friends? That's my favorite one!

Ashlynn said...

Haha. Katie, I so agree with you. :) I LOVE this post!
Oh, and about the ending statement, I will so remind you.