Saturday, June 7, 2008

Il pleut

Today I went through all of my photos from freshman year. I had forgotten all of the crazy things we made me sad.
I miss my roommates.
I miss living near campus. It sucks driving there everyday. I have to fill up on gas just about every week now. I miss having my own kitchen. I miss buying my own food (weird as that sounds). I miss sharing a room with someone who puts their clothes away (love you manda :)). I miss dancing with an actual partner instead of by myself. I miss having team every other morning. I [almost] miss having class. I think my brain is atrophying. I miss my friends from school who are now at home in other states. I miss sitting in a kitchen and having people to talk who are my own age. If I sit in my kitchen now and expect to talk to someone, I'm going to get one word answers from my brother, nonsense from my little little sisters, and "I'm in a hurry to go have a social life" from my younger sister. Gah, I'm actually looking forward to September.

I had a sudden realization the other day, but I have to give you some background first to appreciate it. Chem 113 was an awful experience. I dreaded Tuesdays and Thursdays (days I actually got to sleep in even!) because I had that lab class for three hours. Every class I was frantically flipping through the instructions that I had barely glanced over the night before (totally my fault, I know) trying to figure out what the heck I was supposed to do for the day's experiment. By the end of the semester, I nursed a growing hatred for lab work. Recently I got this job though, working in one of my professor's labs, and I've really been enjoying it. The other day I realized that I love being in the lab. Thinking about filtering used to be a sure-fire way to suddenly induce anxiety, but you know what, I don't mind it at all anymore. Thinking about going to a lab class sounds fun again. I don't hate lab work anymore, and it's a darn good thing because I'm going to have to take a million more classes full of them. Yay for chemistry!

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Kristen said...

Katie! I miss you! When I've looked through my pictures I always get kind of sad that I'm not here anymore and that things won't ever be exactly the same again. I miss buying my own food too! And oh boy do I miss talking to real people in the kitchen. I think I'm looking forward to September too (minus the school part)!!