Saturday, March 29, 2008



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I cannot believe people. Filing a lawsuit against the Large Hadron Collider is absolutely ridiculous. People have been smashing atoms for nearly half a century and guess what. We're all still here! No catastrophes! Driving a car is more dangerous than a particle collider, so why don't you sue Ford?

Stop interfering with science already, and let the scientists make the world a better place in peace!


Alyssa said...

uhh yeah Im not that into science but yeah I wouldn't interfer with it...haha! Sorry some people are so lame Katie! Loves!

Vae Gannon said...

Yeah, this is as bad as California suing the big three automakers because of "global warming."

You'd think that people would be excited about the possibility of dying in a science fiction catastrophe.

kylie said...

did you go to devotional last tuesday? it was about cosmic physics stuff and it was hard for me to understand, but i think you would like it. sorry about stupid people.

Jody Lynn said...

I agree with you. That is pretty lame. People are always stupid, and I don't think I'm quite used to it yet. Haha.