Monday, March 10, 2008

THE Birthday Blog

So pretty much I have the most amazing friends, roommates and family ever. We have a bit of a tradition in our apartment where we deck out the apartment for people's birthdays. I completely forgot about this tradition as I went to sleep on March 2nd, so when I woke up I was genuinely surprised at the plethora, no, cornucopia of posters saying normal birthday things like "Happy Birthday Katie!" to the more creative "You're HOT like the stove!" (taped to the oven door, complete with illustration of me saying, "Wow, I'm pretty much a babe," and a boy saying, "Wow, she's pretty much a babe.") The table was all set with my IKEA dinnerware with adorable not-from-the-creamery balloons and a note saying, "How about lunch at the MOA? See you at 1:00..." which meant that Amanda and Kristen totally read my mind because I had been thinking of asking them if they wanted to go there on my birthday to celebrate. (For those of you who don't know, the MOA is the museum of art cafe, and it has incredible food...mmmmm....) Anyway, so I'm standing in my kitchen at 6:45 in the morning staring at all these posters and the balloons and the "Katie is 19!" banner (which I was almost expecting to read K2Bob is's an inside joke) and this wonderfully nice note from Suzy, and I just start to cry. Life has been majorly stressful and hard lately, and I was just so touched by all the things my roommates had done for me. Thanks guys :)
But the story doesn't end there. Throughout the day I got multiple happy birthday texts, facebook wall posts, and actual in person happy birthdays. When I checked facebook during the day, what do I see but a message from Alyssa telling me my birthday present was on her blog. Intrigued, I quickly went to it and what do you know, there is an entire tribute to me on her blog! It was so nice! As promised, Amanda, Kristen, and I went to the MOA. (This experience deserves a blog all of its own, but I'll write that later. Be excited.) My mom and younger sisters came by with one of those candy bar posters that has things like "You're a starburst!" with the burst part crossed out. My mom also brought me a whole cheesecake from Costco! My favorite! Woot! Jody took me out to dinner at Costa Vida, which was amazingly delicious...sweet pork salad has no match...afterward, we came back to my apartment for cheesecake with all my roommates and Mark and Matt.
The next day Noah brought me over sugar cookies which spelled out "Happy Belated Birthday Katie!" They were delicious and very cute.
It was one of my best birthdays, I'd have to say. Thanks to everyone who helped make it special. I really, really appreciate it. :)


Alyssa said...

You are the best Katie, and thats what you should always get for your birthday! :)

Jody Lynn said...

Loved the birthday blog post. It's nice to know birthdays can be that awesome. Glad you had a Happy Birthday. Have a Merry Happy day. Loves.

Amanda said...

You deserve all you got're amazing! (just wait and see what I do to top this next year....) :)

Kim Allred said...

That makes me feel even more horrible for forgetting it. I will NOT forget this year.