Wednesday, March 26, 2008

23 credits? Psch, no problem!

So I got an email a week or so ago telling me it was "almost time to register for fall semester classes! check route y for your priority registration date! etc etc" so I did, and I can register on April 11. Ah ah aha ahaha so soon! I don't know how I'm going to decide what not to take. Haha, notice my phrasing there. See, I'm trying to pull off ballroom team, chem major, French minor. Small problem: that means I need to take a 4 credit hour math class, a 4 credit hour chem lab, a 3 credit hour French advanced grammar class, a 3 credit hour o chem class, plus 4 credit hours of ballroom. Oh and yeah, maybe I'd like to take a religion class seeing as I'm attending a religious university...hmmmm. You do the math, that's over 18 credits. Right now I'm taking 17, and it is killing me. I can't stay awake in any of my classes except dance (and even then...) All of my notes look like serial killer handwriting, all shaky and unreadable, words sort of trailing off into unrecognizable symbols that might have been letters in my head, but I couldn't get them to translate through my hands. I dropped my pencil three separate times in math yesterday because I would fall asleep and my hand would relax. Clink, there's my writing utensil on the floor, again. In French, I was this close to drooling on my desk. Drooling, for crying out loud!
Anyway, right now I'm going through the class schedule online, and it's going to be very tricky making this all work. Gah. The pleasures of an academic life.
I'm betting that all of you will be going through the same thing in the next month or so. Good luck. May your schedules magically fall into place. :)


Ashlynn said...

Eh. That sucks Katie! I'm not too worried about my semester, as I'm only taking generals, planning on transferring, and am taking most my classes online, most likely. It'll be about 10-12 credits (probably just 9 because I am most likely cutting all music) and only a lab or two and maybe a ballet class (if I can get in) will be on-campus. I'm really just working. So, yeah. I am really really sorry! Cause that really sucks! But.. I'm a slacker. :) So no, I'm not entirely in your same boat... :S Good luck hun! You're amazing though. I'm sure you'll figure it out, and whatever you decide, you can pull it off wonderfully. ;) Love ya!

Jody Lynn said...

I don't know how you pull that off Katie? I can only handle like 12 maybe 14 credits, if I was pushing it. You're amazing. I would suggest not overdoing it. I know you're amazing, but you want to have time for other things besides sleeping and studying, like dancing and hanging out with your best buds. Do you really have to take that many credits in one semester?

kylie said...

i'm telling you, doing that much without a break is devastatingly bad for your health. don't go insane and don't stress yourself out. you are amazing, but as for me, i'm never taking 17 credits again. it sucks, hard core.

Ash said...

wow girl! i honestly dont know how you handle all that! i would go INSANE!! you're gifted seriously... you must be productive almost all the time to be able to do it all! good luck i hate figuring out schedules and its not as bad for me but i kinda know how hard it is to work around scheduled dance classes!