Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thought Beads on a String

Thought #1:
I hate it when people call and don't leave a message when I don't answer, especially if it's a number that's not in my phone. I am left to wonder, "Who is this person calling me? What did they have to say? What's going on?" I realize most of the time it's probably a wrong number or some telemarketer or something, but I am a curious person! If you call me I'm going to wonder who you were and if there is no message to inform me I'll start making up a persona for you. The call I missed while in class? Oh, that was probably a middle-aged woman, classy, well-dressed, who was looking for a ballroom dress to purchase for her daughter who is just starting to compete in Youth Standard. Last night? That was a man calling to offer me a job working as a tour guide in Monaco over the summer. If I die in a wondering frenzy, it is all your fault, you messageless callers! So leave me a message!

Thought #2:
Tour should be pronounced "too-er" not "tore" as in the past participle of tear.

Thought #3:
Studying outside is a beautiful thing. Kristen and I just spent two hours sprawled out on a blanket behind our apartment reading econ and chemistry respectively. It was the most fun I've ever had reading a textbook in my life.


Jody Lynn said...

I'm sorry people don't leave you messages. People don't leave them for me either. It bugs me too. You want to tour this summer in monaco or whatever? What is this? You are probably just kidding. Haha. It was really warm today. I wish I could have spent more time outside, but sadly I was stuck inside working a double shift. I only have to work for a half hour longer, but it seems like ages before I get off. Will work ever end. Hope you enjoyed this short novel. I am dead bored.

Ashlynn said...

AH! I so agree with the people not leaving you messages! What's with that? At least leave who you are. Gosh. I hate that. Especially when it IS someone for a job. Ah! :P
And yes, I'm SOOOO GLAD is't getting WARM!!! :D

Ash said...

dido on the messages thing!!! one of my biggest pet peeves ever! i dont care so much as long as i know who they are in my phone but if i dont it makes me crazy trying to think who would be calling me that i dont know and about what! :P

Amanda said...

I agree! I love studying in the feels so good. Soon we'll have to get serious about our tan ( already have one....) cause it's getting to be a social norm to be tan. As soon as April/May can't blame it on lack of sun. :)