Friday, March 28, 2008


Right now I'm sitting in my dad's office. Sometimes I come up here to do homework and study and whatnot, and he went home for the weekend, so I have it all to myself. It rocks. I want my own office on campus. They could just give me a little corner in some building, and I'd fill it up with books and chairs and rugs from IKEA, and cool art prints, and a mini fridge filled with the fixings for panini and cheesecake and everyone would want to come study with me so I'd start charging admission, and I'd earn all the money I need to pay rent next year just from that alone, so I'd put the money I'll be making from an actual job into a France study abroad savings account, and ...that would be really cool....
Anyway, I'm listening to Waking Ashland via imeem (if you guys haven't checked out that site, you should. You can listen to music for free; it's rad) whom I have wanted to listen to lately, but have not had the time. Anyway, I'm supposed to be doing my math homework (I swear it never ends), but I'm a little sick of parametric equations so here I am! Blogging! Woot! I really liked Alyssa's post with her list of names she likes, so I thought I'd post my own. Mine are a little less creative, but I like them, hehe:

Didier (hahah it's a French boy's name pronounced dee-dee ay, it's just so fun to say...not that I'd actually name my child that)

Hmmm I think I just ran out of names. Darn. It's funny because when I was like 13 I had this huge list of all these names I loved. Now I can only come up with a few...I guess this means I must return to math. Have a supremely wonderful weekend everyone! :D

PS I trimmed my nails back down to a socially-acceptable length so I was able to type this with a minimum of typos! Yeah! I can type again!


Alyssa said...

Oh my I would totally come to visit you in your little'd have to not charge me though cause that would be a special occasion and you'd let your V.I.P. friend totally come in! ;) I like your kids names! Especially the Didier one! hehe you should do that to your kid that'd be awesome!

Ashlynn said...

There was a kid in my foods class last year named Didier...
Yep. Pointless comment.... Umm.. :S
Yeah. Well I agree with Alyssa. Love your names. :) I only have one name picked out. Haha. Unflexible, no matter what. My husband will just have to live with that. ;) hahah. :P