Friday, March 21, 2008

"I not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature, I think Mother wants us to." - Willard Gaylin

Happy Friday everyone! I absolutely love, love, love this day of the week because I only have one class that requires thinking (math). Other than that I have team rehearsal and technique class which are zero stress and very enjoyable. Hmmm, what else to say? I'm trying to avoid working on my math homework right's so easy to procrastinate because it's not due until Monday, and I'm not obligated to do anything until 6:40 tonight (I have an audition with a potential partner for next year! woot!) You know what I decided? I really like cooking. Recently I've made sauteed chicken with a mustard cream sauce, peach and blackberry cobbler, and berry scones. Yummm yummm yummm. Maybe if this whole chemistry/ballroom/BYU thing doesn't work out, I'll go to cooking school in France.

The cookbook that Kristen and I "borrowed" from Mike and Brad.
The subject of whether we're going to return it or not is still under debate.

Oh! I know something I can discuss. I read an article in the New York Times this afternoon talking about how more and more parents are choosing not to immunize their children because they think it increases their risk of asthma, autism, and immunology. How about how not immunizing their children increases their risk of meningitis, small pox, measles, pertussis, etc? Gahhhh it bothers me so much when people who have no scientific training and who've gotten all their information from studies of questionable credibility and the internet go about making these ridiculous claims! Not vaccinating your child puts everyone else's at risk. Death by measles in children has dropped 68% from 2000 to 2006 alone. Guess why-vaccines! Hmm, yeah, I think we should definitely get rid of them. Look at that risk. Your child could not die from measles.
Here's a quote: "Some parents of unvaccinated children go to great lengths to expose their children to childhood diseases to help them build natural immunities. In the wake of last month's outbreak, Linda Palmer considered sending her son to a measles party to contract the virus. Several years ago, the boy, now 12 contracted chicken pox when Ms. Palmer had him attend a gathering of children with that virus." (uhhh not sure how to cite's New York Times. "Rising Risk to Public Health Is Seen as More Parents Are Rejecting Vaccines". Harris, Gardner....ok I think that's good...) How about you just give him a freaking vaccine and then he doesn't have to be sick with a potentially life-threatening disease?

This brings up another point, sort of not related, but in my mind it is. "Organic food vs. genetically altered food." Bunch of crap, that's what it is. Technically "organic" just means contains carbon, so by that definition all food is organic. There is nothing wrong with genetically altered food! I would think it'd make sense to have crops that will survive early freezing or whatever. Hardier crops=more food. More food should equal less hungry people. Everyone wants less hungry people, right? End world hunger? Maybe a good idea? Not with genetically altered food apparently.

I remember in fifth grade we read an article about this in "Time For Kids." (hehe, remember that little magazine? I loved getting those things.) After reading it, almost my entire class was convinced that genetically altered food was bad, bad, bad. Then I went home and asked for my dad's scientifically influenced opinion (o chem prof at byu, ye-eah! uh ok, I promise to never type anything like that again) and he told me that genetically altered food is completely safe. He was very angry that "Time For Kids" was pushing its liberal agenda on easily swayed, naive fifth graders. Meh.

Anyway, sorry this isn't very well thought-out, and I know I've got lots of holes in my arguments (mostly they are just rants) but I'd like to know your opinions on these things. I miss doing those little debates in Mr. M's fifth grade class and biology with Hodges in ninth grade...virtual debate anyone?


Amanda said...

Yeah plastic is organic. So we should eat that...

And I hate those kinds of parents. (We already discussed this, I'll keep this short). Ha ha I love your blog today!

Alyssa said...

mmm that sounds good...i need to cook better. :) and not immunizing children?! are they serious? like really i do not want to have children in a world where they are going to catch some disease an die. yeah right. anywho loved this post! loves!

Vae Gannon said...

I agree for the most part on the vaccines thing; we should vaccinate for major diseases. On the other hand, early childhood is when the human body developes its immune system, that's when it needs the most exposure to bacteria, etc. . . Ever wonder why infants put EVERYTHING into their mouths? Moderation here is the key. . . (you don't need that spray stuff that kills 99.9% of bacteria in the AIR!)

Anonymous said...

Organic vs. Genetically altered food...
for some reason this has come up a few times lately and I think it's fascinating. I am unabashedly on the other side of the opinionated fence than you Katie, but I think there is a lack of understanding on both sides.
Genetic-lovers should realize that the word "organic" when used in conjuction with a type of food means that there are no chemicals used in the process of growing the food (i.e. pesticides, fertilizer).
Organic hippies should realize that nutritionally there is very little difference in the two types of food and that genetically altered food should not be considered 'unsafe' (although there are hypotheses and preliminary studies regarding the correlation of genetics/chemical use in food growth and cancer rates - we'll just have to wait and see).
Anyway, I like to keep it simple: why don't we just use what nature has given us instead of trying to change everything?

Katya said...

haha, agree to disagree then, Nathan?

Kim Allred said...

Katie I totally remember that day in elementary school. That's really funny.