Friday, February 3, 2012

pin #123891412374

Remember this post about ridiculous pinterest images?

Somehow my posting of that picture of the framed tv ended up getting repinned to pinterest and has given me a small boost in traffic. It's currently my top referring site. I find this extremely amusing as the people who've pinned it have put things like "love this idea" in the caption. I was making fun of that idea, guys! I think it's ridiculous to frame a tv!  Obviously, that person didn't read my post. Or they did, but don't trust my judgment on home decor.

Here's a new gem:

My first thought upon seeing this: that Kitchenaid is about to drill into that baby's skull.

Keep it classy, readers.
Have a good weekend!


Sara said...

Haha, hopefully they actually click through and realize their folly! Any repins of the shirtless dad?

Emily said...

My first thought was, honestly, "Salmonella! Get those eggs away from the baby!" Science has hijacked my brain.

amanda said...


Becky said...

The chocolate dot on the nose!

Alena said...

That's horrible! My first thought was about the eggs too!

M said...

I hate Pinterest. There. I said it.