Friday, November 18, 2011

pinterest gems

Here are some classic ridiculous pinterest images I've found lately. Enjoy.

Dress up your ugly thermostat by calling a ton of attention to it via pseudo-vintage frame!!!!

Flat screen wall-mounted TVs are just not beautiful enough on their own without a frame!!!!
|Frame EVERYTHING!!!| (I tried to frame that text.)

I'm not entirely sure if this photo was supposed to be a joke. I'm going to hope it's a joke.
Shirtless dad covered in naked babies is creepy.


amanda said...


Jody Lynn said...

i have a pinboard dedicated to stuff like this.

Sara said...

Haha! I need to follow who you follow because this is hilarious! I just get nice non-awkward looking food on my feed ;)

Becky said...

Mommy creepin on the shirtless dad and her naked offspring!