Sunday, November 6, 2011

i ate plutonium

This Saturday a bunch of chemists and I got together and baked the periodic table. That's 118 cookies guys! And you know what's really awesome? We were able to pipe the lettering for every element except the Uux ones from memory.

I think someone should just give us our PhDs now.

(By the way, Mindy Kaling's book was really good! I read it all in one sitting yesterday afternoon and couldn't stop laughing. It was just the thing to cheer me up after my disastrous organometallics test.)


wildchild said...

haha i love it. you little nerds :)

kylie said...

ahhhhhhhh i love love them! so so cute! i hereby award you an honorary phd for those freaking cute cookies.

M said...

I love this.