Monday, November 14, 2011

mac and cheese please

I'm pretty sure someone should start a blog highlighting things found on Pinterest that are just out there enough to really weird me out. (Like painting and monogramming your knife block. That is a crafter gone way too far. What's next? Vinyl lettering your funky lime green Kitchenaid?)

Found today:

"How to make your own Velveeta without all the gross chemicals: colby, gelatin, milk."

[picture of grilled cheese sandwich disgustingly oozing cheese]

Why not use the colby cheese as is?! Why bother adulterating it with gelatin? Me being weirded out by this probably has to do with my hatred of Velveeta. One time, Aaron made the shells and cheddar boxed Velveeta for me, and while I was touched by the gesture, I could not finish that meal. I will eat Kraft macaroni and cheese from the blue box without qualms, but that Velveeta crap, no way.

So why would someone take a dang chunk of colby cheese and try to replicate that?!
Am I crazy or do you hate processed cheese product too?


amanda said...

haha, seriously. and people do vinyl their kitchenaid...yikes.

i hate processed cheese products (and other "products"). I loooove mac and cheese though (if you didn't know) with just plain ol block cheese!!

Sara said...

Haha! I've never actually had Velveeta, but it's never looked appetizing. I vote that with all the extra time you have ;) you start that blog!

Ashlan Belliston said...

Ha. Yeah, if you are really looking for processed cheese though, why not eat the stuff from the store and save yourself the time? If you want healthy, grab a block of cheese! :P

Megan and Justin said...

haha too funny! just found your blog, following now!