Sunday, November 20, 2011

confession: i started listening to christmas music today.

Aaron and I are staying in Philly for Thanksgiving. We're making ourselves dinner on Thursday, and I'm sure it will be quite the adventure. Any suggestions for what to make? Aaron's already requested banana cream pie (and I'll be using the recipe Amanda recently posted...excellent timing, friend), and I am requesting mashed potatoes. Rolls + turkey breast (cannot handle entire turkey) + green beans + gravy +...?

This just occurred to me: we will finally get to use that gravy boat we own but broke the handle off during the move!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

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Greetings from Italy


amanda said...

yay! I think it would be fun to make a thanksgiving dinner! I think that menu sounds fabulous. And I think that is smart to just do a turkey breast! it sounds like you have a great menu already. I hope the pie works out--and I'm excited for after Thanksgiving to put up our decorations and listen to Relient K Christmas :)

Sara said...

That all sounds great! If you want a good savory sweet potato dish, I loved this one: . We added more bread crumb topping to give it some extra crunch. We made it ahead of time and then kept it in the fridge until we were ready to bake it, so that might be a good option. Good luck!

Jody Lynn said...

no sweet potatoes? those are my favorite!