Wednesday, February 29, 2012

an average morning in philly

A series of text messages I received from Aaron this morning:

7:45 Dude the south street bridge is gone! it fell in the river!
7:46 I am swimming across the river!
7:47 I got my hair wet!
7:49 Zombies! they did this!
7:50 It is cloudy! i cannot use the solar power to defeat them!
7:53 Falcon punch!
7:55 I made it to class! until next time zombies!

That boy.
As my grandma would say, "What a character!"


Erin Marie said...


I love that!

I want someone to send me random texts early in the AM!

..sigh. someday!


Sara said...

I'm glad he beat them!

M said...


Diane said...

Gotta love that boy!!!!

Becky said...

OOOOOOoo that was a close one! hahaha