Sunday, February 5, 2012

have you seen this yet?

4 clips of Avatar: The Legend of Korra

sooooexcited. But I haven't been able to find an actual air date yet. When I was stranded in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport all night, I watched the last three episodes of this series via my mom's Netflix account. Is there anything more epic than the agni kai between Azula and Zuko? Than the showdown between Phoenix King Ozai and Aang? I submit that there is not. Except maybe this exchange, which is probably my favorite:

Sokka: My first girlfriend turned into the moon.
Zuko: That's rough buddy.


Alena said...

yep, Sean and I are crazy excited haha!

Jody Lynn said...

one of my favorite quotes from avatar right there.

Jody Lynn said...

annnnnd i think it's about time i watch this show again. yep...just decided that's what i'm doing tonight. awesome.