Saturday, February 25, 2012

treat. yo. self.

Birthday wishes:

glitter nail polish. of any color. of all colors.
pretty cupcake liners.
artichoke tea lights from ruche. 
gold knot bracelet.

I feel like birthdays are a good excuse to get yourself some fairly impractical things, like everything on that list. I don't even bake cupcakes that often, and tea lights shaped like artichokes are kind of ridiculous (but really adorable). To my credit, my mom did get me an on sale cardigan and 4 lbs of yeast, both of which I will put to very good use.

If your birthday was a week from today, what would you be asking for? 


amanda said...

Ooh I have just the thing for you. And I loooove that nail polish you got me. Hmm, right now I would ask for a mint skirt (pleat-y?), wedges and glittery gold peep toed heels. And other things on pinterest wish board. Haha.

Jen Jones said...

I spent all last night looking at birthday presents for myself :) I think we should treat ourselves to a birthday meal at the creperie!

Kristen said...

Love the cupcake liners. It's always the same things on my wish gadgets. Right now I'd love an immersion blender, new non-stick fry pans, a Le Creuset pot and an air popper. Too bad birthday/Christmas month has past. :-)