Wednesday, August 17, 2011

first world problems

Dear Penn,

Please stop being an enabler for my husband's compulsive studying habits. By posting videos online of every lecture along with the slides, and by giving him a stack of notes a foot tall, you have encouraged him to spend every minute from noon until 11:00 PM cooped up in our study.

The bored wife downstairs is not happy!


Your only chemistry PhD student from BYU

disclaimer: I usually do a good job keeping myself entertained, and once school starts I will look back fondly on these bored days and wish with all my heart that I had nothing to do.

Also, thank you for all of the fashion blog suggestions! Now I have lots more reading to do, which helps take the edge off the boredom!


wildchild said...

haha that's the worst. when one of you is so bored and just wants to do something fun, but the other has grown-up things to do. lame. but i definitely know what you're talking about, how you'll be longing for days of freedom as soon as school starts. i'm in the same boat.

Diane said...

AH the doing nothing but school and me feeling neglected...a necessary evil of grad school life. Just make sure you do something together every week!