Monday, August 8, 2011

my gps took a long time to find a satellite signal

We did not end up getting to hang out in DC. Some people in our branch needed a ride to the temple, and we were the only ones with extra seats. So to the temple we went! But not into the actual city (where I was going to meet up with my old roomie Kristen).

Maybe I cried a little bit behind my sunglasses, sitting in the front seat. I like planning things, and I'm not too happy when things don't work out.

But I did not cry during our first sunday school lesson yesterday, so that was good!

But then I cried after I got home from driving Aaron to orientation this morning, so I'm back to square one. Parallel parking is not so easy, especially when you have an angry cabbie behind you annoyed that you're blocking the road.

On days like this, I like to listen to this song:

I dream of driveways and garages and lawns. The end.


wildchild said...

aww i'm sorry that your weekend didn't turn out like you'd hoped. it'll be alright. you'll turn into a parallel parking master :)

amanda said...

that stinks!! I'm sorry that your plans didn't work out, I'd cry too!

I'm glad your lesson went well :)

Jody Lynn said...

i'm glad your lesson went well! i cried teaching for the first time, so good job! and i'm sorry about parking. i would really dislike that too. big cities are not my forte. it was good chatting with you this morning!

Jen said...

Dream is the song that grounds me. Hang in there :) As Michael Johnson tells me every time I'm dancing standard with Mike, I can do hard things. Pretty sure you can, too.