Tuesday, August 2, 2011

we unpacked in one day. we were very tired the next.

Welcome to our home! Sorry about the crappy photography, I don't know anything about it and my Nikon's been freaking out lately, so we have a double problem.

Clockwise from top left: kitchen, study, master bath (yeah...that tub has jets in it. how did we get so lucky?), the view from our roof deck, one of three staircases in the house, living/dining area, master bedroom, roof deck (thanks for the patio furniture Mom!). middle: laundry room! possibly my favorite room in the whole house, and my washer sings a song when it's done, so what could be happier than that? (thanks for the washer and dryer Wendy!)

I sort of feel a little guilty, because we are supposed to be poor students (and we are, we're $25,000 in debt plus $12 of interest we accrued this week) but we have some realllllyyyyy nice stuff. Like the entire house (all the floors are wood! ah, it's beautiful!). And our furniture. And the washer and dryer. And our tv and sound system (good job Aaron on being spendy with the electronics while you were still single).

Anyway. The house is actually a lot prettier and brighter than the photos make it look. But why take my word for it? Come visit and see for yourself. :)


Kristen said...

Your place is AMAZING! Oh my goodness! Is it a townhouse? How did you find such an beautiful place? Now I want to come visit not just to see you but also to see your gorgeous home!

Sara said...

You should post some exterior shots :)

Lydia said...

wow it looks fantastic! I'm definitely a little jealous of the laundry room.. Andrew and I always say "we'll really be grown up when we have a washer and dryer" haha

wildchild said...

ooh it's so fancy! i love that roof deck! you can have some awesome parties up there.

amanda said...

oh my gosh! it looks beautiful. I can only hope we have something as fancy next year. more pictures!!