Thursday, August 25, 2011

a dilemma

Also, turtlenecks:

am I the only one who still likes them? I almost bought a black long sleeved one at H&M, but then I thought to myself, "do people even wear turtlenecks anymore?"

So, I ask you, reader, do people even wear turtlenecks anymore?

Cause I have a $5 off coupon, and I need to use it on something.


wildchild said...

haha i think "people" wear turtlenecks, but i'd be scared to be one of those people. spend it on a cute dress or something instead :)

Jody Lynn said...

you should totally embrace your own style. if you wanna wear a black turtleneck, then wear one. :)

Alena said...

I love turtlenecks... I actually have a black one and it's great for layering sweaters/scarves/whatnot. Go for it! I also like what Jody said! You always, always look cute so go with what you feel, ya know! :)

Laura C said...

I was watching old episodes of Friends at the Capitol House the other day and completely envying Rachel's turtlenecks. I like turtlenecks, but I always have the dilemma of getting too hot when I walk up to class if I'm wearing one.

I say go for it :)

Megan said...

You'd look fabulous in a turtleneck. I say go for it too.

Louie said...

I say go with it because they look rather nice when you want to dress up.