Thursday, August 25, 2011

we love visitors, yes we do!

This past weekend my cousin Sasha came and visited us from Massachusetts! And then, the day before she left, my sister Becky flew in to visit too! I can't even tell you all how nice it was to have them here. Like having friends again!

Cue photo evidence:

(i made this collage using powerpoint. how ghetto is that? any suggestions for better software to use for this sort of thing?)

We did all the required Philly things: Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheesesteak at Jim's. And then we did all sorts of other great things like getting caught in a rainstorm after eating crepes in University City, walking through an earthquake on our way to Betsy Ross's house and Elfreth's Alley, buying a Donna Summer record and a record hot pad at the Italian Market, throwing pennies on Ben Franklin's grave, lots of shopping (thank you thank you thank you Mom for the back to school shopping money!), taking touristy photos with the historically dressed people at Independence Hall, playing plenty of Dance Central on the Kinect, making coca cola cake, and watching "Raising Hope".

A perfect way to end the summer, really.

(Orientation starts on Monday!)

How was your last week of freedom?


amanda said...

fun!!! haha, love it. hmm, you've used picnik before, haven't you? I think it will do things like that.

ahh, can't wait to come visit you some day!

we're going to slc for a day of fun/mourning for summer on sat!!

wildchild said...

my last week of freedom has been good. a little less freedom than i would like, as i'm having to do things to get ready for school, but it's still been fun. and we've had beautiful weather :) glad you had a good last weekend!

Jody Lynn said...

i start school on saturday. major bummer, but i'm definitely ready. and picnik is great! i have an account on that site and pay $4(?) a month to use all the features, but you can still do some cool things for free.

jenny said...

Loved seeing the photos of Sasha's (and Becky's) trip. I'm so happy that Sasha was able to come, especially since i know once you get started to school you will be sooo busy!