Thursday, August 18, 2011

i am studying potions, after all.

I am currently blogging from the Fisher Fine Arts Library of Penn's campus.


This is Hogwarts.

This was the closest image I could find on google, but believe you me, it is even better in real life. It has a wrought iron spiral staircase leading to what looks like the restricted section of the library where they keep all the dark arts books. It has beautiful arches. The entry has this incredible peacock stained glass window. I may never leave. 

This may make it impossible to earn my PhD, but my inner witch will be so happy.

edit: I had to add another photo.
Gryffindor common room (with slightly more study tables than I usually imagine it with)!!! Hello!!!


kylie said...

katie i am DYING right now. it's gorgeous. i wouldn't be able to concentrate on studying, either! glad to see that you're having exciting adventures! :)

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, I am so jealous!!! Next best thing to going to Yale and feeling like Rory Gilmore.

amanda said...

That is amazing!!!

wildchild said...

holy gazoly, that's so pretty. i also feel like it'd be good for some awesome games of hide and go seek...

wildchild said...

oh and also, i nominated you for a blogging award :) you're a cool girl and other people should know about you!