Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this was typed with a lot of restraint

People who question why people would "want to ingest all those chemicals in coke" make me want to inform them that actually, everything you ingest is made of chemicals.

I would also like to inform those who justify drinking raw milk by saying people have been doing it for 1,000s of years that before pasteurization the average life expectancy was somewhere around 40 years.

Vaccines do not cause autism.

Genetically modified food will not kill you.

The end.


wildchild said...

ha what in the world made you so fiesty? but all good points. food just grosses me out. i wish i could eat without actually eating food. does that make sense?

Alena said...

i enjoyed this thoroughly.

Katya said...

haha yes, i think that does make sense. :) i would like to know what drove someone to eat meat for the first time. i mean, i love meat, but raw meat is so disgusting. who would think, "i bet that'll taste great if i heat it up!"

an article i read on etsy about the push for more raw milk availability in conjunction with an article about vaccines made me write this. ha.

amanda said...

hear, hear!!


Naomi Martineau said...

Its funny how people don't want to "ingest lots of chemicals" and yet want chemically rather than genetically modified foods isn't it?

Sara said...


Becky said...


Nathan said...

Would it still make you upset if they said they didn't want to ingest all those chemical compounds that aren't found in nature?
I think you should also inform those who use computers that before the microchip was invented, the average life expectancy was 40 years.
Jumping jacks do not cause Down Syndrome.
Does it drive you crazy when people don't want to eat genetically modified food when they know it won't kill them?


Jen said...

I should tell you that in our practice last night when Mike and I were working standard, he was comparing his various partners in terms of how heavy or light they are with connection. He didn't mention you. So I asked, "what about Katie."

"Katie? Oh goodness. Katie was perfect."