Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i miss back to school shopping

Lately I've discovered some great style blogs, and I wanted to share my discoveries with all of you! I love these blogs because most of the outfits they feature feel like something I could actually wear, instead of being so high fashion that I would feel completely ridiculous wearing it. And, all of them are quite well-written, which makes reading even more fun.

Married Kendi decided to have a blog instead of a baby. Ha. She always has great outfits and incredible photography.

Hairstylist, photographer, and fashion maven Kayley blogs about her life with husband while wearing great clothes. She also has a ton of great hair tutorials (hello, she's a cosmetologist).

Recently graduated from grad school in architecture, Emily is currently traveling the world with her boyfriend for nine months on a design fellowship and manages to look fabulous while living out of a suitcase.  

Tania is a British literature grad student (so all of her posts are exceptionally well-written). I particularly love her blog because she features a lot of outfits that are dressy enough for teaching/TAing a class, but casual enough to be comfortable. 

Have you found any fashion blogs that you enjoy perusing? Do tell!

(This post is slightly inspired by the fact that my sister is coming to visit this Saturday, and I will finally have a shopping partner!!! I've gotten a lot of inspiration from these sites.)


Ashley S. said...

too funny. I also follow all of these ladies. Maybe you want to check out my childhood friend Elaine's blog too? clothedmuch.com

wildchild said...

ooh yes, i love kendi and tahnia. i also love aprettypennyblog.com and orchidgrey.blogspot.com. they're two opposite people and dressers, but both still super cute :)

Naomi Martineau said...

i believe that you own that second outfit, do you now? haha

amanda said...

fun! I don't really follow style blogs because I never shop at any of the stores they do, so I"m not sure I could make any of them work. I do like finding the pins on pintrest though. I'll start there. haha, I love that first one. :)

I asked dave if he needed back to school clothes, because I sure do. ha!

marissa erin said...

Also check out thedaybookblog.com ... so cute!

Sidewalk Ready said...

thanks for the mention! glad you like the blog. :)