Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ow and yay.

I always forget that shin splits feel like growing pains.

Good thing I'm friends with a premed who can sort me out/diagnose me with a leukemia osteoporosis combo.

Oh! I just remembered exciting news:

My little brother Jeffy got into my university!!! Wooooooo!!!!!
Just you wait and see, Jeff. College is awesome.

And...I'm going to go study for French now.

Also, sometimes it feels like my left leg doesn't fit properly into my hip socket, like a sharp pain when I stand up and straighten my leg. Diagnosis please? And how can you tell if your scoliosis is getting any worse besides driving 45 minutes to the children's hospital and getting another costly x-ray?


Diane said...

WE can afford the xray and we can go see a dr in provo. How about we do that?

amanda and dave said...

oh man, don't have any of those things. I don't like growing pains or shin splits. or leukemia. I had a dream about a post you wrote. I'm not sure if it was real...I'll have to check :)

Ashlan said...

I used to have that problem! Back when I danced though.... Umm... Still don't know what it was from.

Stephanie said...

Couldn't sleep and was catching up on your blog. Found this one. Your hip could be your SI joint is out of whack. Having the same problem right now. Bro. Morris in the ward help put my leg back into the socket. You may want to try that.