Monday, February 15, 2010

good bye apathy

I think it's interesting!

Did you know that if you can lower the conductivity of your tin dioxide gas sensor (maybe by doping it with some other compound) you can increase its surface interactions with a reducing gas like hydrogen and therefore its sensitivity? Isn't that cool? I still don't understand band bending (except that it makes me think of water, air, earth, and fire bending...uh...I mean...), but this topic is starting to come alive for me, a little bit at a time. I'm not dragging myself tonight. Hallelujah! And guess what else. I made those SnO2 particles! And I'm going to measure their heat capacities! And then someone else can make them into a gas sensor that can detect carbon monoxide and save someone's life.

Science is awesome!

*cue ASL sign for applause*


Jody said...

i had no idea what you just said. haha. good thing you know what you're talking about!

Nathan said...

Am I to understand that I gave up my seat in the Richards' car just so you could go play in your geeky chem lab?! :-P

kylie said...

katie, i think you are way too smart for your own good. :)