Monday, February 8, 2010

I have a suggestion

Watch "The Last Airbender" trailer.

I promise, you'll get at least half-excited as I am.
(but not more than I am, because I don't think it's physically possible. This is the girl who searched etsy yesterday for a Katara water tribe necklace for 2010's Halloween costume. To quote my sister, "People don't realize how big of a nerd you are.")

Just click here. It's only 32 seconds long, and oh so very worth it.


Alena said...

Trust me, I'm up there with you! I was even Katara for this LAST Halloween! haha! :) And ohh man, it looks sooo good! They seem to have gotten the same special effects in the same tone as the cartoon! SO GOOD. SO EXCITED!

amanda and dave said...

haha, I love you. the superbowl trailer was good. I kinda want to watch more!

Kimkidoni said...

I'M SUPER EXCITED!!! I hope they don't ruin it though.