Monday, February 15, 2010

agni kai!

Is there a job where I can just get paid for watching "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and blogging? Because that's pretty much all I feel like doing anymore.

There's not? Alas.
Guess I'll stick to chemistry then.

I have a question to pose to you, readers. I'm planning my 21st birthday extravaganza, and have a couple of ideas for what to do.

Option 1:
Playing laser tag.

Option 2:
Eating chicken tikka masala and naan bread at India Palace.

Option 3:
Seeing "Alice in Wonderland" (celebration of my un-unbirthday! how appropriate!) and maybe having a "tea" party.

Option 4:
Mocktails in test tubes à la classy scientist party.

Option 5:
All/some combination of the above.

What say ye?


amanda and dave said...

1 or 4!! huzzah!

kylie said...

all of the birthday options sound fabulous for a 21st partay!
oh, and there is totally a job where you can paid to watch stuff and blog...but i'm taking that job. it's called being a movie (or book or tv) critic. :) dibs.

Shields Word said...

#1 there is a cool local laser tag company who will come set up a party for you where ever. Like in a city park. If you want more details, txt.

p.s. There are many influential female bloggers! Keep it up!

Jody said...

um...i'm up for alice and wonderland and a tea party! but they all sound fabulous.

brown eyed girl said...

Ooh I like the Alice in Wonderland idea. But you also know how I feel about mocktails :) And I've never had one in a test tube. (Reminds me of those "tubey" things they drink in Miss Congeniality).

Matt said...

I vote for option 2, even though option 1 is already going down. Except I'd get the chicken korma or whatever it's called.