Saturday, February 6, 2010

not to brag, but

my little brother is a rock star.

For reals.

He plays drums in the band Marina and Some Boys

featuring...Marina...and some boys.

They are incredibly talented and adorable (he's on the far left).

And they got robbed this weekend by two severely musically challenged bands.

Dear Battle of the Bands judges,

Were you even LISTENING to ***** band?! Or were you too distracted by their guitarist's ill-fitting True Religion jeans and the choreographed head banging?! (HAIROGRAPHY? KILL YOURSELF!) Did the fact that they have a gig at the Velour next week (who's paying to see them? you ought to if you'd like to listen to some rhythm-less, melody-less, harmony-less crap for an hour) CLOUD YOUR JUDGMENT or was it all of the smoke and mirrors (literally on the smoke, they blew it right out of their mouths...slightly satanic/we wish we were dragons?) that left us with zero substance??? Or how about the utterly lackluster performance by Seinfeld obsessed *****? Really? How could you fail to notice their complete lack of synchronization in one of my favorite Relient K songs?! Their drummer was totally off, not to mention the singer's boring and out of tune voice! "Be My Escape" left us all wanting to escape right out of the auditorium!

I really hope that next time you decide to judge a music competition, you actually bother to listen to the bands.



Side note: Readers, they might still have a chance to be the wild card in the state battle of the bands if they upload one of their songs and enough people vote for them. Should they decide to do so, I'm going to beg and plead with you with all my heart to vote. They really deserve this.

Anyway, I hope your Saturday night was thoroughly less enraging than mine. Bon weekend!

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amanda and dave said...

That's so cool! I love their picture. I hope I can hear some tunes soon!

haha, man, you are an excellent writer. I felt like I was there, outraged, at battle of the bands. :)