Saturday, March 10, 2012

spring breaking it

For our first and last spring break we flew to Utah for a week. We mostly hung out with family and went out to eat (I'm pretty sure every day except Sunday, we are now really fat). We celebrated my birthday by going out to eat at La Jolla Groves (I was not too impressed, sadly), playing in a toy store, having a small party, and laser tagging. Aaron also suggested we babysit Brooklynn for the day, so we took her birthday shopping with us and my mom. She was pretty entertaining at the Disney store (capitalize store or no?) at the mall. So many princess dresses! We also got to go to the temple, which was great since going to the DC one is a full day trip plus a lot of tolls. Aaron also gave a presentation for the BYU pre-med club about interviewing and did an awesome job. 
Aaron and I then took off for St. George to go with his parents to the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful! We did a bunch of hiking and saw some amazing views and I took way too many mediocre pictures. It was wonderful. Also, we met a French couple at the hotel breakfast, and I spoke to them in French for 10 minutes. I made a lot of pretty terrible errors, but it was so fun. 

Cue photo evidence of our adventures:

 My niece Brooklynn on a stuffed reindeer. It doesn't get any cuter than that (unless you use the "posterize" setting on your new birthday gift camera, right?!)

I haven't seen British candy since 2010! Lovely!

 Aaron regaling his audience with gruesome tales of neurosurgeries at my birthday party.

 Eating at Guru's- Brooklyn loves Becky. And her hair.

 I love laser tag so. so. much. There is zero sarcasm in that sentence. Seriously.

 The Graham Canyon! (I begin to abuse the vivid color setting on my camera.)

Vivid color abuse continues! 

 Aaron had a face-off with a moose/elk.

Attempt at the rule of thirds.

Thank you to our families and friends for all of the fun. I can't even say how great it was to be with everyone.


amanda said...

it was so fun to have you here! what kind of camera did you get? also, what a weird standing position I am in. And I think I do that a lot. So glad you had fun and I got to see you!

amanda said...

also! we ate at la jolla groves for my birthday this last year and it was pretty good. I had a salmon and I remember the rolls to be good. What did you have? I don't think it was quite as cool I was hoping either.

Jody Lynn said...

i'm loving the pictures! that last one is awesome!

i want to know which camera you got!

i'm probably going to the grand canyon next month so you'll have to tell me about the best parts of your trip! i want to know of any good hikes. places to eat?

so glad you were able to have a great spring break! it was good to see you!

Becky said...

AH I love all those pictures! You should email them to me. The only thing cuter than Brooklyn on a reindeer is me on a zebra! I want that picture.