Thursday, March 29, 2012

planning ahead

Today I decided that, like thousands of other people surely will be, me and Aaron should be Katniss and Peeta for Halloween. (or Effie and Cinna. Think I could get Aaron to wear gold eyeliner?) The question now is, which Katniss?!

Reaping Day Katniss?

In the Woods Katniss?

Soon to be on Fire Katniss?

Interview Katniss?

Arena Katniss?

I think I can safely rule out Interview and Soon to be on Fire Katniss since my Halloween costumes have been historically low maintenance. (Bones from "Bones" anyone? 5 years in a row being a witch followed by 3 years of pirate?) Reaping Katniss gives me an excuse to buy a new dress and Arena/In the Woods Katniss could both be thrown together with stuff I already have (minus a bow and arrow and a mockingjay pin). 

What a dilemma. Good thing I have until October to figure it out. 

Did you watch the movie? Aaron and I forked over $8 for a matinee (Can you believe that?! That's the price of a regular nighttime movie in Utah), and I definitely thought it was worth it. I tend to dislike books made into movies (Harry Potter), but I thought they did a great job following the book. 

Things that disappointed me:
Girl on Fire moment- I wanted more wow!
Jason Bourne style filming- headache
I didn't feel the horror of the idea of children being forced to kill children, but maybe I was just too used to the idea from reading the books a bunch of times?

Things that were spot on:
Rue, and what I'm assuming was her father freaking out and throwing things after her death-that was the part that had me near sobbing
Cinna's eyeliner
Caesar Flickerman
Seneca Crane's beard
Everything about Effie
Not CGI'ing tributes' eyes onto beasts at the end-I think it would've looked laughable instead of rightly horrifying

I want to go see it again! I feel like I missed a bunch of things the first time around or I was so annoyed with the jerky camera that I couldn't fully enjoy the movie. Next time I'll be mentally prepared and maybe take an ibuprofen before and then I can truly savor my Hunger Games cinematic experience.
What did you think? 


Sara said...

A new dress would be fun, but I think in the woods/ arena Katniss would be more recognizable.

amanda said...

Hmmm, red dress and interview katniss!

Ah, I LOVED the movie. I actually liked the jason bourne style filming for the beginning because I felt like you could FEEL the emotions through it.

And while I was hoping the dogs would have been scarier, I agree about the CGI. And man, I loved everything about that movie. EVERY THING.

MORE CAVE SCENE. would have been nice. That is the only thing I was like HEY THAT WAS LONGER IN THE BOOK. Even the other things they did to combine/simplify (where the pin came from...) was totally fine because it made sense.

AHH can't wait to see it again/own it and watch it every week.

and k, I agree. harry potter movies basically stink but I think these will be fabulous. sorry for the novel. thoughts?

Jody Lynn said...

i wanted haymitch to act more drunk. he's pretty much my favorite character and i thought they got his appearance right, but i needed more personality from him.

the shaky camera effect didn't bug me one bit, which surprised me. i actually liked it.

also, i secretly wanted peeta to whisper my favorite line after katniss finds him camouflaged in the woods (here to finish me off, sweetheart), but it would have been way too cheesy if he did.

overall, i appreciated how they really tried to follow the book. that made me glad.