Friday, March 23, 2012

and learn our souls are all we own

It makes me really happy to know that people can move like this. 

How good is that Ingrid song? I love her. 

(Thanks for the tv suggestions! I think I need to watch Downton Abbey, but I doubt I'll be able to convince Aaron to watch with me because he hates it when people speak in accents (???) )


amanda said...

K but really, you gotta watch downton abbey.

Sara said...

This has nothing to do with this post, but you should get a search bar on your blog :) I wanted to show Kyle the post where you talk about how people wanting unpasteurized milk is crazy. Anyway, dancing is cool and so is Downton Abbey! They even dance in one of the episodes.

Naomi Martineau said...

I love that second video. It was definitely my fav from that season :)

wildchild said...

i agree with kyle! i don't mind all accents actually, but british accents just make my skin crawl. so i will not be watching downtown abbey either :)