Monday, July 18, 2011

we got ourselves allied with the wrong moving company. heh, heh.

I feel very materialistic right now, but you know what, I want my stuff back. All the things we put in the moving truck, all of our furniture, the rest of my clothes (dress shoes! where did you go?), our kitchen gadgets, office supplies/printer, my books,* our tv, even our welcome mats! I want them all to fill our very empty and echo-y house.
And we were supposed to get them at the very latest by next week, July 25th. Instead, we will not be getting anything until August 2nd at the earliest! HELLO. The entire reason we packed up and left Provo and our families and friends so early in the summer was so our stuff could get here and we could unpack everything and get everything set up before Aaron starts med school. Now we're going to have like 3 days to do that in the best case scenario.

We want some compensation here, Allied. And you do not seem concerned at all that the actual arrival date of our things is at least OVER A WEEK later than the date we originally got. We are concerned, and we are freaking ticked.

The end.

*I've been reading Sense and Sensibility out of the beautiful 7 novel by Jane Austen collection my parents gave me for Christmas. I love me some Pride and Prejudice, but I can't get into this book at all. I am neither entertained nor intellectually stimulated by it. And I want our five boxes of books to get here so I can read about something else besides so and so's social engagements and frolics in the English countryside. Jane Austen lovers-defend?

OOohh, I'm feeling choleric today.


Naomi Martineau said...

oh my gosh that is so awful! I am so sorry katie! I hope you can work something out with the company.

amanda said...

ahh! that is terrible. you should tweet about it (if they are on twitter). lame!!

also, I tried my hardest to like P&P and I did not. sooo boring.

kylie said...

oh that is the worst. i am sooo sorry. you should write and complain to them about their shoddy service.
austen's not for everyone. my favorite is probably p&p or emma or northanger abbey. but again, it's not for everyone. i hope your stuff gets to you soon!