Monday, July 25, 2011

supermassive black hole

This week my mom flew out from Utah and stayed with us for a few days. It was awesome! We love having moms visit us!!! We participated in a variety of activities including:

walking/melting around University City, seeing pretty Penn/Hogwarts campus
cheesesteaks with cheese whiz at Jim's Steaks
more guac at El Vez
Rodin Museum!
Franklin Institute!
Independence Hall, Congress Hall, Liberty Bell
leaving pennies on Ben Franklin's grave (he founded our school!)
Home Depot for patio furniture and materials to make a 2x4 garden planter
Captain America!
discovering a pizza place down the street that wasn't half bad
watching a lot of "Raising Hope" on hulu*
getting a parking ticket and just barely avoiding getting towed!

It has been incredibly hot the past week. Temperatures have been over a hundred, and with the humidity the heat index has been around 115 degrees. A hundred and fifteen!!! Thus, we tried to do things in the morning before it got too hot and all we wanted to do was crash on the [one] bed in our house.

I can't even describe how nice it was to have my mom here. She reminded me that I can do this whole move to a big city and get a chemistry PhD, and I believe her.

me and my mom and Ben Franklin on Penn campus

*If you have not seen "Raising Hope", you really should. We were laughing so hard we were crying during the first episode.


wildchild said...

so i don't remember how i found you, but through some comment on some blog, i did. and i'm glad i did! i like how simple and real your blog is anddd i just wanted to add in that i've been in france all summer, like you were the summer before you were married andddd you just graduated from school and i'm going to graduate next year anddd you're a christian and i'm a christian anddd maybe we just need to be friends :)

Katya said...

haha, thanks wildchild! i am insanely jealous of your being in france. what city have you been in? also, do you have a blog? :)

wildchild said...

i've been living in antibes, which is in the south of france, right on the river. 15 minutes by train from nice.

and i do! it's