Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a new shredder and some frames for our diplomas!

I do not understand desserts that look like savory dishes- cupcakes decorated to be spaghetti and meatballs or corn on the cob, or cakes that look like hamburgers-this is not appetizing to me at all. 

Also, some of the desserts on pinterest that are like an insane mashup of six different desserts are not appealing either. Example: chocolate chip cookie crust, oreo layer, brownie mix on top. Come on. That is borderline disgusting sugar overload (and I love sugar, just look at how many of my posts are about macaron cookies). 

This is just to say, I spend waaaay too much time on pinterest. 

But we did have a fun excursion to New Jersey today to visit Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And we also got Italian ice and people/dog watched at Rittenhouse Square, so it was a more interesting day than most.
And. Our stuff may be arriving on Friday. Yay Friday! Yay stuff! 
I still don't like you Allied!


wildchild said...

umm i do not agree. oreos stuffed in chocolate chip cookies baked in brownies sounds like heaven in my mouth. ha. i'm just waiting till i have an oven and ample baking supplies to jump on that.

Louie said...

I second the wildchild's comment! Just don't eat it all at once then you will be fine! Love you!

Lydia said...

I SO agree with the mashup dessert point... that's just nasty

amanda said...

I was searching for your posts about pinterest (cause they are hilarious) and saw this one. not sure how i missed it but...I think the sweets dressed as savory and such are appropriate for april fools day?

and those desserts with 10 different desserts, yeah, gross. Just, pick one and enjoy the crap out of it. Then laster, try another. sheesh!