Saturday, July 16, 2011

ground control to major tom

We are alive and well and have thoroughly enjoyed our [almost] first week in Philadelphia!

It was a little crazy and overwhelming driving into the city on Monday afternoon, especially going down sketchy Washington Ave for the first time. Luckily, Aaron's mom flew in to close on our house, and she helped us settle in. She was a lifesaver in taking the edge off the initial shell shock of moving 2,100 miles across the country. I seriously don't know what we would've done without her. Probably sat on the bare (and very dirty) floor of the house and cried.

While she was here we got a bed for the guest room (our moving truck won't be here with all of our furniture until next week at the earliest), cleaned all the floors and bathrooms on our hands and freaking knees, stocked up on food, ate at the most amazing Mexican/fine dining restaurant called El Vez and had the best guacamole, got gelato at Capogiro (which I have been missing greatly since Maestro's closed back home), and went to Target like 8 times. We took care of business! (and ate great food.)

After Aaron's mom left, we went and saw U2 at the stadium where the Eagles play. It was packed! It was an awesome concert! It was almost as entertaining to watch all the older ladies rocking out (probably slightly drunk) in the audience as it was to watch Bono (who, at 51 is wayy cooler than I will ever be at 22). Unfortunately, the memory card in my camera got corrupted somehow, and I lost all my photos from the concert! All my pictures of the claw (really expensive and time consuming to set up stage)!!! All the pictures I made Aaron take of the two of us!!! All my pictures of cool Bono!!! Alas, maybe I'll figure out how to get them back sometime.

Aaron and I also went and saw Harry Potter the second day it was out. We got there 30 minutes early because we were nervous it might be sold out, but we were like the 5th and 6th people in the theatre. We're not in the land of Potter Enthusiasm anymore...Today we walked all over the place downtown, going to the bank, buying bus tokens, touring Independence Hall, and visiting Reading Terminal Market. It was most enjoyable! (and good exercise after sitting in a car 10 hours a day for four days straight)

Tomorrow we look forward to attending our branch for the first time and having dinner with my friend Jen from ballroom who lives in the city with her husband! And on Monday, we shall explore University City and their macaron cookie truck!!!!!!!! Blessed day!!!!


amanda said...

Love the update! Glad you made it. Sounds like an adventure! Say hello to the giant game pieces and take a tour of the Masonic temple. Uh mazing. I love Philly!!

Jen said...

this is the best blog post title you've ever posted.

Nathan said...