Sunday, July 3, 2011

so long, so long

We leave town in five days. I suddenly find myself scrambling to cram in more time with friends and family- movies with sisters-in-law, earring making night with friends, lunch with Grandpa, trip up the canyon with family, BBQ party, it is not enough.

The truth is, I have never moved more than 15 miles away from my family, except for the two months I spent in Europe last summer. I am a sheltered, naive Utah girl. And now I find myself driving 2000 miles away to do the scariest thing I've ever done in my life (attempt to get a PhD), without my mom, without my sister, without my friends. I can feel myself mentally digging in my heels, getting a little desperate to stay a little while longer, feel comfortable and safe a little longer, but on Friday, time is up. Life is moving on, and we are moving to Philly.


ellen said...

I bet you'll look back and it will be the best time in your life. Get ready!!

Kristen said...

I can totally relate. It's scary to move across the country knowing your stay there is indefinite. It's hard to leave the comfortable and jump into a new life, but things work out, new friends are made, people visit you, skype keeps your family/friends accessible and before you know it the new place feels like home. You can do it! Be brave and it will be wonderful!

Diane said...

Remember nationals and you were so freaked out at the Marriott Center and we had a little talk in the tunnel and I told you you could do this? It still applies! I know you can do this Katie. It is scary to start out new. I know because I did it a few times. And I treasure those opportunities I had to make new friends and learn about new places. You will have great experiences and make great friends and this will be a great thing for you two! You are always in our prayers and I know you hate it but skype is our best friend now!!!!