Tuesday, May 10, 2011

we're cute.

I found this post forever ago (January) on C. Jane's blog, but forgot about it until this week's Relief Society lesson (mentioned using the internet as a way to share the Gospel).

"I think we've established that. We're cute. Blogging Mormon Housewives are cute. Ok. [...]

It's that we're more than cute. Or at least we should be. And why aren't we? Why didn't Emily end the article saying, "I am going to invite the missionaries over for hot cocoa"? Not that I want Emily to be a Mormon necessarily, but in truth, I want Emily to want to know what she was asking in the first place, Why are these blogs so fascinating?

And I don't think we've answered that question.

I think we're getting close. When I first started blogging (cue: my maternal grandbloggers voice) there wasn't a lot of religion talk in the Mormon blogs I read. Then we started to get more courageous, we started to put up buttons and link to texts (talks, articles) and sometimes we share stories about church or the goodness of God--posts that were easy on the spiritual digestion. We've come a long way in being able to proclaim our Latter Day Sainthood and it's good. But what about the doctrine? Are we sharing the meat along with the cupcakes?

Not just religion for religion’s sake, but WHY it works; why we go to church for three hours every Sunday (just to wrestle our kids for most of it) why we go on missions, why we love our temples, why we believe in families….WHY IT HELPS."

Interesting, interesting.  What do you guys think?

To read the whole post, click here. (you have to scroll down a little bit)

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amanda/dave said...

I think it's probably good to share the meat with the cupcake, but I have not yet mastered that. And I'm not sure if I want to just yet; I don't feel I have anything close to the "mattering" necessary to dive into that on my blog (unlike, maybe cjane or rockstar or nat the fat rat)

But I think it's good to be honest and not be cute for cute's sake, you know?