Friday, May 13, 2011

library, i'm going to go all tiger mom on you.

Today I went to the library in search of aforementioned books (seriously guys, no recommendations?!). I was determined not to leave that place without a book in hand. Looked up controversial Asian parenting book in the online catalog, and they had it! Except they actually didn't when I got to the shelf. Annoyed. This has happened to me multiple times. Come on HBLL, get it together! Stop misinforming me! I keep wasting time wandering around your many shelves! Couldn't find the Barbara Kingsolver book I wanted to check out either (that they apparently had, sidenote: have you ever read The Poisonwood Bible or The Lacuna? you should definitely read the former, and you probably should read the latter).

In other news, Aaron found us a lovely Philadelphia condo. With hardwood floors, granite countertops, and three bedrooms. So hey, come visit us because we are doing this med/grad school thing in style, and we have a bedroom for you! (although sleeping on our really comfortable couch would not have been a bad option!) If you're friends with Aaron on facebook he posted photos of it (which I will eventually get around to posting on this blog).

Too many parenthetical phrases for one post + Y Chem meeting in 2 mins = see you later!
Have an awesome weekend!


amanda/dave said...

I'm sorry about that...I've had many troubles finding books in the HBLL. I want to read tina fey's bossy pants and betty white's if you ask me. I've heard great things about the first, and the second I'm sure is just as good. If you do read them, let me know how they are!

Jody Lynn said...

SO excited to come and visit!