Sunday, May 22, 2011

coconut lime verbena

I don't get the new topless ads for Bath and Body Works. Like, are they really trying to attract men? Because Mother's Day already happened, and no. men. shop. there.
Also, in general, I don't get it when women's body wash/shampoo/etc. commercials have topless women in them. Who are you trying to get to buy your product? Topless women do not really appeal to other women. (Maybe lesbians?) That does not make me want to buy your product, Dove!

Also, I thought it was really funny that the commercial last week for "The Biggest Loser" had the song "Just the Way You Are" in the background. Isn't the entire show is about changing who you are and not staying the same? Ironic?

Sometimes you just have random things you need to type out before you forget them on Sunday mornings.
The end.


amanda said...

haha, so true! i was just thinking the other day how funny it is that so many commercials allude to being nude...when we are like "oh, gross! pornography!" but oh, she's strategically covered in flowers, so it's all good.


The Kelly's said...

SERIOUSLY!! We drive by one every day for the grocery store we go to. I just don't get it!