Friday, March 5, 2010

They say it's your birthday... of March 3rd, I am officially 21! (and officially without a valid driver's license...uh oh.)

Many thanks for all of the texts, calls, facebook messages, etc. You guys are great!
My roommate Natalie, photographer extraordinaire, took a bunch of photos from our roommate trip to Spark that fully captured the essence of what a birthday is supposed to be about:

Laura made me a chocolate cake from scratch! It won the best-chocolate-cake-I've-ever-had-hands-down award.

Tastes as good as it looks...mmm....

I also went out to lunch at India Palace (chicken tikka masala, heavenly) with my mom and Becky. From my family I received all three seasons of "Avatar: the Last Airbender". You know what this means, right? Weekly marathons. I think yes.
Perhaps the best present though, was getting that dang thermometer fixed! That's what working in the lab on your birthday does for you! :D

Oh, and, I have a little announcement.
That I've known for a while, but was so scared someone was going to email me and say, "Just kidding, we really don't want you," but this week was the first prep class and no one's changed their mind yet, so:

I'm doing an internship in France this summer!!!!! AHHH!!! I get to spend May 28th through the end of August in Europe!!!! AHHHH!!!! So excited!

Anyway. There's the update on life.
You should all come play lasertag with me tonight at 8:00, for a triple celebration of my birthday, my fixing skills, and my future summer in France. :)


Lyss said...

congrats katie babe! I really think you will like France. I am so jealous!
Im happy your birthday was awesome! I wish I could be there to go Lazer Tagging! We'll all have to do lunch sometime when we are all around!

Love you!

amanda and dave said...

congrats on the internship!! that is AMAZING! where is it?

those fries and that cake look ridicuously delicious.

Kimkidoni said...

That's so awesome!!! You finally get to go!

Weird bit of trivia: the word verification that I have to type for this comment is fries...

*Twilight Zone music*

brown eyed girl said...

yay! :) Glad you liked the cake.

so pumped for laser tag!

ps: you're going to FRANCE!

Jody Lynn said...

i'm happy your birthday was freaking sweet! miss and love you girl, always.

jody :)