Saturday, March 6, 2010

mortal kombat...and by mortal kombat I mean arguing your way into a dollar off your laser tag game

Oh my gosh, I am so lucky to have a live-in photographer to document my life. Here are some photos Natalie took from my laser double birthday bash last night. (Guess who got 2nd place at laser tag? BAM.)

Can I just say that I am a huge believer in extravagant birthdays? I love throwing parties, I love decorating for them, I love presents, I love going out to eat, etc. etc. When I'm a mom, my kids are going to have the most awesome birthdays ever. Just throwing that out there as one of my qualifications as a future wife.*

Anyway...hope you all are having great weekends!

*I feel like this would make for a highly entertaining post. My other qualifications include: curry making and knowing how to use a torque wrench. How these might come in handy, I'm not sure, but I would love to see the situation that would require them both.

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