Monday, March 8, 2010

I want to go back... Burbank, April 22nd-ish through the 26th. Just a quick trip to stay with my grandma and take a break before I sell my soul to Blackpool rehearsals and Europe. Interested? I'm now accepting applications for travel buddies.
Seriously though, if you want to spend four days running around LA and the beach with me, send me a message or a text. I think I'm going to buy plane tickets sometime this week.


Jody Lynn said...

dang it. i totally wanted to go. i really did and was planning on it, but i can't anymore.

boo. and double boo.

amanda and dave said...

i wish i or we could go...if we weren't jumping on a plane the day after school is over, we would.

that means, lady, you MUST visit us in dc sometime? i wonder if that's possible. I hope so!

brown eyed girl said...

plane tickets? so no driving through the night this time. schucks, that was so..restful :)

I might be totally in. :)

kylie said...

dude that sounds awesome but guess what? i can't. :( but i want me some beach so bad.

Lyss said...

oh katie how i wish i could go. i am in major need of a girls trip and burbank sounds like just the place!
Unfortunately, I will be flying to Florida that week for my summer adventure there!
Sorry! Hope you get to go!

Jordan said...

Katie I'm so glad you commented, so that I found your blog. I love it! Want to know what my favorite thing I've read so far is? "I hate milk, even on cereal." I'm so with you on that girl! What is it with people and milk? I've never drunk a glass in my life! Haha. I added you to my blog list and am excited to keep reading your posts. Happy Birthday!