Saturday, March 6, 2010

(500) Days of Katie

I just looked at my post count, and I am actually just past the 500th mark (this is post 502). Still being in a celebratory mood though, here I am writing a post informing you of this momentous occasion!

Random thoughts:

As I was doing laundry at 8:00 on a Saturday night (tonight) I thought to myself (these are my exact thoughts) I wish I had a really good singing voice so I could be, you know, that hot, sort of indie girl who sings in the laundry room by herself on a Saturday night, but is really good, and seems cool and independent. And then I realized how weird I was and went back to my apartment.

I just remembered today that Berkeley has an element named after it. (thanks to my periodic poster hanging over my bed! Thanks Amanda!) This, combined with a much inspiring conversation among Sara, Sam, Dr. Asplund and I a couple days ago, has only heightened my desire to go to grad school there.

I already started packing for my trip to San Francisco that's in three weeks. I normally pack at 1 AM the night before, so there's a hint on how excited I am. Also, I need more business casual. And a suit.

And a valid driver's license.

And a better outline for my review paper.

And a plan for my life.

The end.


amanda and dave said...

haha, that's a funny random thought. and I'm jealous you're going to california!

Jody Lynn said...

so...i need more business casual and a suit as well.